Stab Lok Breaker Shortage

is there a stab lok breaker shortage?

Is there a shortage of Stab Lok Breakers available? Stab-lock panels reached the end of their useful life in 2009/2010. The product has been discontinued and is being bought by another company. The breakers will be available for a short period of time, but they will eventually become increasingly difficult to come by. Due to recent supply chain difficulties and shipment delays, it has unfortunately become increasingly difficult to locate all types of breakers.


Are Stab-Lok breakers discontinued?


Stab Lock breakers and panels are interchangeable with Federal Pacific breakers and panels. Stab Lock was manufactured by Federal Pacific. The parent business of FPE, Reliance Electric Company, likewise never issued a recall despite repeated warnings from building inspectors and electricians.

Federal Pioneer Panels have been discontinued since Federal Pacific is no longer in business. If you have any of these in your house, experts recommend that you get rid of them immediately.

Here’s a little of background. Canadian and American Stab Lok systems were sold by the Federal Pacific Electric Company. The American FP or American Pioneer Stab Lok was manufactured by Canadian Federal Pioneer, commonly known as Schneider Electric. Under an exclusive agreement, the American Circuit Breaker Company sold them only in the United States.


Why Are Stab-Lok Breakers Unsafe?


Stab-Lok Circuit Breakers: What’s the Deal with the Danger? It’s unsafe to utilise Stab-Lok circuit breakers since they don’t work as circuit breakers correctly. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these panels have an unacceptable failure rate, with one out of every three circuit breakers being a faulty design.

In these panels, the circuit “breaker,” which is the switch that is meant to flip and block current flow when a problem is discovered, does not work properly. In other words, they are ineffective at dealing with problems like as overloaded circuits and short circuits. Because the breakers may not trip when a problem is discovered, it can cause damage to house electrical equipment and possibly raise the danger of an electrical fire.

What Breakers are Interchangeable with Stab Lok?


Federal Pacific circuit breakers are no longer manufactured and are unrelated to the current Federal Pacific; rather, these circuit breakers were manufactured by a business called Federal Pacific Electric Company. FPE circuit breakers are now replacing Stab Lok circuit breakers, which are built with a unique design that results in a considerably lighter and smaller breaker. Stab Lok circuit breakers are available in single pole or two pole configurations with current ratings ranging from 15A to 100A.


Are Replacement Stab-Lok Breakers Safe?


Stab-Lok panels manufactured by Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) should be replaced, not inspected. Residential circuit breakers manufactured by FPE Stab-Lok may fail to trip correctly in the event of overload or short-circuiting. 


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