Smoke and Co2 Alarm Installation in Ottawa

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smoke alarm installation in smottawa
  • Are you renovating your house and now need interconnected smoke alarms?
  • Are your smoke alarms ten years older or more?
  • Building a secondary suite?
  • Would you like to secure your property and loved ones in the best way possible?

In house fires, early warning is crucial. Combination CO/Smoke Alarm installations are among the best ways to provide early warning and protection against two deadly threats in 1 unit.

Home smoke alarms are available as standalone and interconnected smoke alarms.

Interconnected smoke alarms alert all occupants simultaneously, providing more time to react and evacuate.


Code for Installing Smoke and Co2 Alarms

Today, interconnected smoke alarms are mandatory in all residential units except those built before March 31, 1979; however, interconnected smoke alarms are required when you re-establish those homes.

Additionally, suppose a single-family home has a secondary device added to the smoke alarms. In that case, there will be one smoke alarm in the main unit and one at the secondary dwelling, and they will be interconnected. In the event, the fire separations between both only have half an hour fire-resistance score.


Battery Powered Smoke Alarms

Battery-powered smoke alarms can be set up almost anywhere and enabled in homes built before March 1979. A certified electrician must install hardwired smoke alarms. Many models of the sort have a battery backup to offer continuous protection if the electricity goes out.


Hardwired Smoke Alarms

Hardwired smoke alarms w/ battery backup are mandatory from the current Ontario Building Code. Regardless of when your home was constructed, you will need to install hardwired smoke alarms with battery backup if you are renovating.

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Where Can I Install Smoke Alarms?

The present Ontario Building Code requires:

  • You install hardwired smoke alarms on each floor of your house, inside bedrooms, hallways, outside of sleeping rooms.
  • You should replace smoke alarms if it’s ten years old, shows signs of battery corrosion, neglect during tests; the exterior is damaged or covered in paint, it has stains from smoke or heavy accumulation of grease or dirt.


hardwired smoke alarm installation in ottawa


The Importance of Smoke Alarm Installation

Many old homes have battery-operated smoke alarms which are simply fixed to the wall. However, these are not enough to ensure the protection of your family and your property. A safer and better alternative is to have interconnected, hardwired smoke alarms installed.

Hardwired smoke alarms are wired-in straight to your home’s electrical system and have batteries as a backup. They’ll work even if you forgot to change the batteries. All Ottawa primary municipalities need hardwired smoke alarm installations in all newly built homes and renovations.


Interconnected Smoke Alarms Can Save Lives

In case of a fire, smoke alarms should be kept correctly and regularly analyzed to ensure their effectiveness.

The National Fire Protection Association admits that interconnected smoke alarms are the best protection when installed correctly.

Yes, for the smoke alarm installation, a License Electrician is required. “Hardwired” means connected to a permanent electrical circuit; setup requires an electrical permit. Additionally, it’s safer to have a professional electrician that understands all of the city regulations when doing the job.

Interconnected Smoke Alarm Setup Tips from the City of Ottawa

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