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Looking for EV charger installation in Ottawa? Whether you have recently ordered your electric car or are intending to purchase it, Ottawa Electrical Services is the company for you! We have experience in electric car charger installation all over Ottawa.


The phrase charging station is a bit of a misnomer at times when referencing electric vehicles. The specific components to charge the vehicles get built into the electric car (EV). What the charger does is present a method by which you can draw into your home’s electrical grid to produce electricity, called the Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE).



To get the best charger for your electric car, we encourage you to ask our team of specialists. We have previously installed the following vehicles: BMW i3, Tesla Model S, Mitsubishi I-MiEV, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric, and Chevrolet Volt.



There are many devices to energise an electric vehicle, from the base charging station, identified as level 1, to the high-speed DC charging station. Many electric car companies advise a 240v circuit as it charges your EV more efficiently in a shorter amount of time. These chargers get referred generally as level 2 EVSE’s (or Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). Use the time to speak to your electrician about your energy demands to decide what’s best for your car.



Before an EV charger installation, Ottawa’s electrical services highly qualified electricians assure that your home has the capability to provide a charging station for your electric vehicle. If not the case, ask your electrician what can get done. You may need an upgrade to your electrical capacity in your home and how to go about doing this.

We are available for all your EV charger station installation questions.

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