Electrical Outlet Installation & Socket Replacement

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Electrical outlet installation ottawa

Are you in need of Outlet Installation or Socket Replacement for your home or business?

The professional electricians at Ottawa Electrical Services are here to help you with electrical receptacle installations in Ottawa.

  • Are you renovating your home? 
  • Adding a new room? 
  • Installing new appliances?
  • Replacing old receptacles with GFCI outlets? 
  • Replacing outlets with Tamper Resistant Receptacles?

Are you considering making some electrical improvements to your home? We offer expert receptacles installation for all your electrical needs, from a single replacement to more significant renovations. We also provide solutions for homeowners of houses wired with Aluminum wiring or knob & tube wiring.

If you are looking for the right Ottawa electricians to fix your electrical outlets, replace old sockets, or any other electrical repair, you have come to the right place.


We strongly believe that your home electrical requires flexibility and practicality to suit your lifestyle requirements.

Assuring you have adequate electrical outlets is vital to avoid the hazard and unsightliness of untidy extension cords and power bars.

Installation of New Outlets

When moving into a new residence, renovating your space, or remodeling your home, it’s necessary not to overlook the electrical requirements. One of these subtler details is electrical outlets placed conveniently. For example, you might choose to mount your TV on the opposite wall from where your electrical receptacle is located. Or while renovating your kitchen, you see the wall sockets are not adequate. 

For your safety and convenience, the best resolution is to have a qualified electrician install the right electrical plugs where you need them. (Up to Canadian electrical code)


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Electrical Outlet Types

The Canadian electrical code demands a specific outlet, depending on the location.

GFCI outlets (ground fault circuit interrupter): 

Are needed where an outlet is close to a water source. They are utilized in basements, outdoors, kitchens, and bathrooms.

AFCI outlets (arc fault circuit interrupter): 

Protect against arcing (which can quickly cause a fire). Most dwellings built after 1999 have AFCI circuit breakers installed at the circuit breaker box. Still, if you own an older property, you can have AFCI receptacles installed at the beginning of each circuit, so all receptacles following in that circuit are safe. If you are refurbishing your home or adding a new room, new circuits need to be AFCI by code.

Tamper Resistant Receptacle:

Designed to help protect children from the dangers of inserting foreign objects into electrical outlets. A shutter device inside the outlet blocks access to the contacts except when a two-prong plug is inserted. Foreign objects will be locked out. Canadian Electrical Code demands Tamper-resistant outlets in new and renovated residential construction.

Standard 15 Amp decora outlets: 

The most common electrical outlets are 15amp decora receptacles in modern homes. 15amp outlets are made to receive standard plugs for most small appliances, lamps, and electronics. 

20 Amp Outlets: 

20A circuits and breakers are often found in kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages, which is where most of the power-heavy appliances are used.

Switched Outlets: 

Are outlets or receptacles that are controlled by a wall switch. Used primarily when lamps were more prevalent instead of center lights like today.

USB Outlets: 

Plugs that have USB ports located on the front sides of the outlet. Handy for tech-savvy homes

Smart Outlets: 

It can be controlled by a smart home system or from an app. It can be integrated with many different designs.

Weather Resistant Outlet: 

Typically refers to a weatherproof cover used to withstand the outdoor elements. 

Recessed Wall Outlets: 

Usually found behind TVs. Used anywhere a plug end protrusion would cause problems.


If you decide to use Ottawa Electrical Services for your wall electrical outlets installation and sockets replacement, you will get quality workmanship & family-like customer service.

We are available for all your plug  installation or repair questions.

Ottawa Electrical Services strives for honest reliability. Call us at 613 600-6448 or Email us at ottawaelectricalservices@gmail.com today for all your electrical needs in Ottawa.