Electrical Inspections in Ottawa

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electrical inspection ottawa

Do you need electrical inspections in Ottawa?

Are you worried about potentially unsafe wiring performed by unlicensed electricians or handymen that could present a safety hazard to your home?

Own an older home? Not sure about the safety of the electrical wiring?

 Get the peace of mind that your family & property are safe from electrical fire hazards.

We specialize in home electrical safety inspections & risk assessments in the Ottawa Area for insurance purposes and your peace of mind

  • Aluminum Wiring Inspection
  • Knob and Tube Wiring Inspections (K & T)
  • Electrical Service Panel Inspections
  • Rental Property Electrical Inspections
  • Home Purchase Electrical Inspections
  • Pre-sale Inspection – Pre-purchase Electrical Inspections
  • Electrical Risk & Safety Assessment

Our goal is to minimize your risk of electrical shocks, home fire, and surge damages so you can feel safer at home.

Our home electrical safety & risk inspections comply with the insurance company’s requirements. All our assessments include a summary of safety concerns and recommendations on our company letterhead.

Identify The Potential Dangers Lurking Behind the Walls

The best way to ensure your electrical system is working is to schedule an electrical safety inspection with our experienced, certified electricians so you can enjoy your home free from electrical issues and fire hazards. Electrical problems are major inconveniences but also can be potential fire hazards.

Reasons to Get an Electrical Safety Inspection

People Protection

A faulty socket or damaged electric cords can lead to electrical shocks. If your home’s electrical is more than ten years old, it is vital to have an electrical safety inspection done.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home electrical wiring is free from any electrical defects that pose potential hazards.

Fire Prevention

Electrical fires are one of the top causes of house fires in Canada. We check your electrical system for any electrical hazard signs and make sure your circuits aren’t overloaded.

Home Insurance

Your home insurance may request an Electrical Safety Assessment or Home Electrical Inspection before renewing home insurance policies to ensure your home is a low insurable risk.

Why Choose US

Honest, Prompt, Safe and Up-to-Code Electrical Safety Inspection

 Service Excellence

The safety of your family & your home is our priority. Our electrical safety inspections are thorough and comprehensive; our electricians are technically competent and knowledgeable.

Respect & Helpful

Our electricians are friendly, trained to respect you, your home, and your time. We listen to your concerns and help you to understand the conditions of your systems and your options.


Honesty is our culture. We speak truthfully about the prices and work needed. We are friendly, not pushy. We don’t try to upsell you work that you don’t need.

Skilled Electricians

We are licensed, certified, insured & bonded. Our electricians are highly skilled & experienced so you can feel confident in our expert advice and electrical services.

Great Pricing with No surprises

We give you a firm quote, with no hidden charges and no surprises. You’ll know your options, and we happily do the work you choose.

Your Peace of Mind is only a couple of steps away:

  1.  Contact us at 613-600-6448 or request an appointment online. Please allow 1.5 – 2 hours for your thorough inspection.
  2. If we found any electrical problems during the Electrical Safety Inspection, we will give you a firm quote to complete all the follow-up repairs. After the work is completed, we will send you a letter for your insurance company outlining the repairs that have been done and the updated risk level.


Electrical Inspection FAQ

Who needs an Electrical Safety Inspection?

  • You own an older home (30+ years old)
  • Your home has aluminum or ‘knob and tube’ wiring
  • You are experiencing warning signs of faulty electrical
  • Your insurance company sent you a letter requesting an Electrical Safety Inspection performed by a Licensed Electrician

What are the warning signs of faulty electrical?

  • You must unplug one electrical device before plugging in another one; otherwise, your circuit breaker trips or blow a fuse.
  • You need several extension cords or plug several cords into a single outlet because you don’t have an adequate number of outlets.
  • When you turn your small appliances on, such as toasters or irons, they heat slowly.
  • Lights that flicker or dim when you use certain appliances.
  • Your home has outlets and switches that feel warm to the touch or don’t work.
  • Your light switches make crackling or buzzing sounds
  • A burning smell coming from your outlets or switches
  • Light bulbs that burn out too fast

Knob and Tube Wiring Inspections?

Knob and tube (K&T) wiring was a common standardized way of electrical wiring in North America from about 1880 to the 1940s. Knob & Tube wiring is considered obsolete and can be a safety hazard, although some of its fear is not deserved.

Knob-and-Tube Wiring is not inherently unsafe. This system’s dangers come up from its age, incorrect modifications, and situations where insulation covers the wires. Also, K & T wiring has no ground wire and thus can’t service any three-pronged appliances. Even though it’s considered obsolete, no code is demanding its complete removal.

Ottawa Electrical Services offers comprehensive Knob & Tube Home Electrical Safety Assessments to provide Ottawa homeowners with an accurate risk rating of the electrical system in a home for the insurance industry.

Through an 80 point safety check of your electrical system, the electrical system’s safety is determined. Following the inspection, a Risk Assessment Report is prepared, describing the risk level as low, medium, high, or extreme. If hazards are identified, a list of corrective actions is presented to the homeowner.

Knob and tube wiring can be safe and functional, but it is very outdated with modern homes’ needs. Houses with old original wiring can be confirmed as low or medium risk and be considered moderately safe. 

We have experience inspecting knob and tube wiring to determine its safety.

While a home can be safely wired with existing K & T, there are some issues to be concerned about, such as ungrounded receptacles, which are a safety issue for today’s lifestyle, high energy usage, and technology.

If you are concerned about your Knob and Tube wiring safety, feel free to contact us; we can come out and inspect your wiring and advice on the proper steps to take.

The qualified electricians of Ottawa Electrical Services can inspect the wiring of your home to determine its safety. With proper documentation from a licensed electrical contractor, many insurance companies will readily insure your home. 

Ottawa Electrical Services strives for honest reliability. Call us at 613 600-6448 or Email us at ottawaelectricalservices@gmail.com today for all your electrical needs in Ottawa.