Circuit Breaker Repair or Replacement

circuit breakers repair replacement in ottawa

A circuit breaker repair or replacement in Ottawa may be necessary to ensure safety at your electrical panel in your home. When a building’s electrical wiring is overloaded, the breakers interrupt the flow until the problem is resolved, and you can manage all of your home’s electricity from this one circuit breaker box, which is generally placed in the basement.

Without the circuit breaker, electricity would be impractical owing to the risk of fire caused by simple wiring problems and failures.

Understanding what it is, why it is required, and how it works may assist you in diagnosing electrical problems in your house and avoiding harmful situations.

As we will see, the electric circuit breaker is a remarkably simple solution to a potentially fatal problem.

What Is The Function Of A Circuit Breaker?


Circuit breaker definition: a piece of equipment that is meant to cut off an electric current automatically if it becomes too powerful or dangerous.

It’s a large switch that safely distributes electricity throughout your home. Additionally, the circuit breaker box houses smaller sub switches that connect to certain parts of your home. These tiny switches are referred to as breakers, and their purpose is to ensure electrical safety.

When this limit is reached, the act of tripping the breaker opens the circuit and blocks current flow to the specified electrical line or circuit, protecting your house and family from fire and electrical harm.


Why Is A Circuit Breaker Necessary For Home Security?


The energy that flows from your utility provider’s line travels through the metre and the panel with the main circuit breaker.

This exposes you and your family to electrical risks caused by your home appliances, HVAC system, electronic gadgets, and electric shocks, burns, and fires.

While the circuit breaker panel supplies power, it also has safety mechanisms that protect the wire from overloading or excessive heat accumulation, as well as prevent electrical shock and fire.

The protective function of the circuit breaker panel safeguards your house and its people from the risks of faulty grounding, short circuits, voltage spikes, poor wiring, and damaged insulation.


Circuit Breakers are frequently tripped for a variety of reasons.


Overloaded circuit: designed to withstand a certain level of force. When you generate more electricity than a circuit can handle, a circuit overload occurs.

When current travels back to the service panel via the created wiring circuit and through the utility wires, this is referred to as a short circuit.

Typically, a ground fault occurs when a hot wire, such as a metal electrical box, makes contact with either the grounding wire or a grounded portion of the device.


Resetting A Circuit Breaker


As a homeowner, you only need to reach the main circuit breaker panel when the electricity goes out or while performing maintenance or repairs.

If this is the case, resetting the circuit breaker is straightforward once you locate it (usually located in the basement).


  • Open the door to the breakers box and check for toggles. (they resemble angled blocky light switches). The majority of them should point to the centre of the screen, indicating the direction ON.
  • Toggles pointing away from the panel’s centre are disabled.
  • The toggles in and between locations are the ones that have tripped. Before turning it back on, turn off the breaker; otherwise, it will not reset. If it trips again immediately, turn it off without becoming resentful, lock the panel door, and contact a professional.
  • The problem might be caused by a short circuit in the main panel, a broken main circuit breaker, or another major issue.


Consult With A Professional


Again, if the circuit breaker panel appears to be ancient or unusual, it is advisable to consult a qualified electrician for this repair.

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