Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replacement [2022]

Tired of mildew growth or low humidity? A bathroom exhaust fan replacement might be just what you’re looking for.

Every day, we spend 30 minutes to an hour cleaning, renewing, and pampering ourselves in order to feel and look our best. It seems clear that a bathroom should be nice to spend time in.

Bathrooms in most Ottawa homes are gloomy, stale, and uninviting due to poor function Object() { [native code] } design and restricted ventilation. Even closing the windows and sealing them tightly to keep the heat or cold out doesn’t seem to help.

As a result of excessive moisture, normal bathroom activities result in high humidity, bacterial or fungal growth, and persistent odours. Bathrooms become uncomfortable and unhealthy as a consequence of a lack of appropriate fresh air, and the loud noise of an old exhaust fan only serves to worsen the issue!

Tired of mildew growth or low humidity? A bathroom exhaust fan replacement might be precisely what you’re looking for.
A properly replaced bathroom fan may provide several advantages.


  • Introducing cool, fresh air into your bathroom lowering the likelihood of mould and mildew
  • Keeping frost and moisture off your windows
  • Preventing moist stains on the walls and ceiling
  • Preventing paint peeling

Choosing a Bathroom Fan Replacement

To gain a better understanding of your true requirements, consider the following questions.

What is the bathroom’s total square footage?

How many facilities does your bathroom contain? (bathtub, shower)

How long is the exhaust duct?

Is illumination required on the fan?

Is housing to be constructed in the attic or on the ceiling?

How Much Does it Cost For a Bathroom Fan Replacement in Ottawa?

Bathroom fan replacement costs between $150 and $350 on average. (for the replacement fan)

Installers of fans and vents charge $150 to $200 per hour for labour, and replacement takes 2 to 3 hours.
Wiring a new switch might cost another $100 to $250.

Request free quotes from electricians in your area.


Replacement Bathroom Exhaust Choices

Air extractors are what bathroom exhaust fans are. They are especially effective when properly suited for the room since they remove stale and wet air without bringing in new air.

To meet with building requirements, all new restrooms must now feature a ventilation system.

There are two kinds of bathroom fans:

Inline: Because the fan assembly is located in the attic or crawl space, this fan is incredibly quiet. Although this is a less common configuration, one inline fan can be connected to several grille housings.

Ceiling: The ceiling insert is the most common and easiest to install kind, and it works well because hot, moist air rises. It is possible that a lighting fixture or a heat lamp will be supplied.

Fan Capacity

Before selecting a fan, determine how much wattage is needed to appropriately ventilate your bathroom. A simple rule of thumb is to calculate one cu.ft./min for each square foot of surface area. We recommend boosting the flow rate of rigid ducts by 1 cu.ft./min and flexible ducts by 2 cu.ft./min by adding a 20% buffer.

Its always better to over shoot on the cfm needed. 

Replace a Bathroom Exhaust Fan FAQ

Who can replace a bathroom exhaust fan?

A licenced electrician or skilled installer can oversee the whole installation process, ensuring that your new exhaust fan is installed safely and correctly.

Can bathroom fans interchange?

Bathroom fans are interchangeable, so you may replace your old one with a more powerful model. There is no need to explore additional features if you pick a fan that is comparable to your old one.

Can I replace a bathroom fan?

A bathroom fan may be replaced by any homeowner. You, like a contractor, must get the necessary permissions.

Before beginning any work, we recommend that you contact with a certified electrician.

Do bathroom fans have standard sizes?

Standard Fan Dimensions Bathroom vent fans are classified based on their airflow capacity, which is measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM. Standard fan sizes are appropriate for toilets that are less than 100 square feet in size.

Are bathroom fans easily replaceable?

Installing a new vent fan is the simplest way to replace an outdated fan in the bathroom. All of the switch, wire, and ducting may be reused. Look for a fan with the same blade diameter as your present one to prevent having to adjust the ceiling hole.

Is replacing only the bathroom fan motor possible?

There is some good news if your bathroom fans have stopped working: you do not need to replace the complete unit. Even if your fan is decades old, a replacement motor is almost certainly available. While a new motor is around the same price as a new fan, replacing the bathroom vent fan motor saves time and hassle.